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The VRA Letter by Kip Herriage

Kip Herriage Wealth 11 VRA Letter   Kip HerriageThe VRA Letter (Vertical Research Advisory), founded and published by Kip Herriage,  is a top performing international newsletter with thousands of subscribers globally and it is the mainstay of the Crash Proof prosperity Program.

Kip Herriage has been nicknamed “The Nostradamus of Finance” due to his uncanny ability to read market trends, which he reveals in his VRA letter.  He called the the dot-bomb melt down, started recommending silver at $5.00 per ounce and gold at $300.00, and forecast the 2008 crisis.

He is now forecasting ongoing economic trouble that will lead to a $50 trillion wealth transfer…from the uninformed to those who are educated about their money. He is predicting that in the next three years will see this transfer of wealth in action…and those that stick to the old paradigm of investing will be left in poverty while those that embrace the  secrets of the new paradigm will be the Buffets, Gates and Rockefellers of the future.

VRA Letter subscribers will number in the ‘informed’ camp.  Kip’s target is 50% to 100% per year in his portfolio.  His best one year period was during the 2008/2009 crisis…he obviously knows how to profit from any market condition…especially when he has the ability to forecast what’s coming.

Kip is the author of the book “CrashProof Prosperity; Becoming Wealthy in the Age of Risk” where he outlines the risks, and huge opportunities associated with the coming  $50 trillion transfer.  This is the book that grew into the CrashProof Prosperity newsletter and mastermind group that offers the average investor the same advantages as the rich and well connected.

Audio Message from Kip Herriage

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Inside CrashProof Prosperity you will get full access to Kip Herriage’s VRA letter (normally $3995.00) along with  unique video commentary, predictions, and insider updates from Kip…but that’s not all.  The new VRA Letter format (CrashProof Prosperity Program) includes the work of trends forecaster Gerald Celente for a look into the future, and businessman/politician Wayne Allyn Root for an inside look into business and politics.

For more information about The VRA Letter and what else CrashProof Prosperity has to offer CLICK HERE.